Fish bone patch bag

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Product Info

This is a beautiful hemp handbag with unique, hand finished details that make this a one of a kind handbag. The base fabric is hand woven hemp fabric. The sides, handle, trim and branch and leaf detail on the front are made of a hemp and cotton blend fabric. The branch and leaf pattern are cut by hand and then sewn onto the hemp fabric. The edges are then hand stitched using a recycled silk yarn that give it a colorful textured look and feel. The bag is large measureing 14" wide by 11 " high and 4" deep. The woven handle is roughly 9" from the extended point to the top of the bag when laid flat. On the back side, there is a large open lined pocket that runs the lenght of the bag. The interior is made of a black cotton fabric and has two open pockets. There is a heavy duty zipper closure on the top. The bag bottom maintains it's flat shape due to a thin, firm interior panel that keeps the bottom from saging.