Diaper Bag - Brown and Black - Organic Cotton Lining

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Product Info

This hemp diaper bag design is based on a very popular brand sold in many mass retail stores. It has a single handle double zipper top opening that pulls back the entire top panel so it's really easy to open with one hand and find what u need and then close. The handle is made of a durable hemp and cotton fabric that attaches to both zippers which run the length of the bag at the edges. Additionally, the top flap can be closed with just a velcro closure if it is too difficult to zip back. There are four outside pockets on each side. The two sides have open pockets, ideal for water or milk bottles. The back pocket has a velcro closure and the front pocket has an embroidered flap with a velcro closure. The shoulder strap is adjustable, lined with a soft cotton, black fabric and is approximatly one inch wide. The strap adjusts to a maximium length of 25 inches and a minimum length of 11 inches. On the inside of the bag there are two pockets, one is open and one has an elastic closure to hold a water bottle or small toy. The enterior is lined with a nice, thick black cotton fabric. This hemp diaper bag is made by a fair trade working women's cooperative in Kathmandu, Nepal. We assist the cooperative in the sourcing of rings, buckles, snaps and zippers. The hemp fabric is handwoven on a pit loom. The hemp exterior fabric is not certified organic, but the material is organic as it grows wild in the remote western region of the himilyana foothills, and is harvested by hand. The interior cotton fabric is certified organic, but the dye is not organic. But the fabric is bio-degradeable and can be composted, as opposed to nylon or other synthetic fabric. The bag can be washed in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. It is recommended that you hang dry it in the sun instead of using a dryer.