We are a small company and we contract out all internal operations such as warehousing, packing and shipping, sales, accounting, and first level customer support.  As the owner of Earth Divas I have never taken a salary or any compensation (my wife works full time and pays the bills).  I am the only employee, so every expense is required to properly service our customers, and grow our top line revenue.

We started operations in May of 2004 when I bought a small retail website called Hemp-Sisters.com.  After a few years of struggling to survive, I realized that the focus of the business would have to be on wholesale, we’d sell mainly on health food stores, and we’d just make products in Nepal.  My wife is from India and her family lives there. Each year we visit India a couple times a year and I go up to Nepal to work with the artisans.  Many work in small sheds near their homes and some work in “factories”, which are often houses converted into a place where people work.  I’ve always worked directly with the small groups of people that make the items, and I’ve always paid the highest possible labor rate that we can afford.
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