Hemp and Kashmir Wool Handbag

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Product Info

A beautiful, elegant hemp and Kashmire wool handbag. The Kashmire wool is woven by hand and is often used to make carpets. This bag is 12" high by 9" wide and does not have a depth - the sides are sewn together. There is a flap that folds over the top and attaches to the bag with a magnetic button. The hemp fabric is handwoven on a pit loom in the remote, western region of the Himilyana foothills. Because the Kashmire fabric is hand woven, each will have a very different and unique design and color combination. The inside of the bag is lined with a heavy weight marroon cotton fabric. There is a 6" x 6" interior zipper pocket. The adjustable shoulder is lined with cotton and is about 1.25" wide. When fully extended, the shoulder strap hangs down about 25" to the top of the bag and the shortest length is about 13" long.